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Solid State Relays

Traffic Sensor Corporation's Solid State Relays (SSRs) are designed for use as On/Off, zero voltage crossing switches. SSRs may be used to control incandescent lamp, heater, pump, and motor loads. 25 ampere power triacs are utilized inside these relays with 40 ampere models available. These relays feature an optical coupler which isolates dc control circuitry from ac load circuitry. These relays will switch loads up to 10 amperes at 74°C when mounted to an appropriate heat sink. These devices meet New York, NEMA, and California traffic signal standards.
Protection against false triggering is provided by a dv/dt snubber network across the output. Inductive loads may be switched to a maximum of 10 amperes at a power factor of 0.85 at 60Hz at 74°C.

General Specifications
Duty Continuous