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Load Management System

Traffic Sensor Corporation's Load Management System (LMS)
provides what no other conflict monitor can!

The most reliable traffic monitoring system available!

The Traffic Sensor Load Management System (LMS) is the only monitoring system that reliably reports the loss of traffic signal lamps. Sound important? Of course - as evidenced by the litigation involving traffic signal lamp outages. The LMS automatically measures and detects increases or decreases in electrical currents. Several methods of communicating malfunctions to a central office are available which permit rapid response to intersection problems.

The new Traffic Sensor Load Management System ensures safe operation at traffic intersections by

  1. Monitoring and comparing controller driver outputs with field wire voltages;
  2. Monitoring Load Currents;
  3. Continuously monitoring flasher outputs before "flash" operation of the intersection is activated.
  4. Extensive self checking of internal hardware is performed, in addition to checking 100% of RAM and EEPROM locations. An Internal Watch Dog Flash Transfer Hardware Circuit ensures "flash" if the monitor malfunctions.

Benefits of the Traffic Sensor LMS System

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